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Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Mini Portable Equipment

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Digital blood oximeters measure and monitor saturation.

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This beautiful device is a real ally not only during the pandemic time. It is well designed, accurate, and reliable oximeter.

Protect your entire family

Measure blood saturation to be able to react accordingly.protect your child with accurate oxygen measures

Why measure?

Your blood oxygen level is a measure of how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying. Your body closely regulates your blood oxygen level. Maintaining the precise balance of oxygen-saturated blood is vital to your health.

Besides all its advantages our pulse oximeter has an unusual feminine design. It looks and feels great as it's been made of high-quality materials.

FREE Bonus: It comes with a stylish and useful protective etui.

• Material: High-quality ABS
• Display type: OLED display
• Power: 2*AAA 1.5V alkaline battery (not included due to the FAA restrictions)
• Parameter: Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, SPo2
• Measuring range: 30BPM-240BPM
• Package contains: Pulse oximeter + durable etui

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High Quality

MamaSaid iPhone protection case made with high quality materials

This Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Mini Portable Equipment was created with care by people for the people living on the living planet that struggles.

We use only high-quality materials including ABS, PC, TPU and Stainless Steel.

TPU is elastic like silicone and resistant like rubber. It has various applications from protective cases to medical tools. What's important it's nice to touch.

PC is hard and translucent. You can find it in Blue Ray discs. What we like about it is that polycarbonate interacts with sunlight bringing nice glows and shades.

ABS is widely adopted in manufacturing toys, even LEGO uses it.

Stainless Steel is a very hard and corrosion-resistant iron-based alloy.

All these materials contain lots of carbon. We mean ALOT of carbon. Therefore, the more carbon inside the material the less in the atmosphere. That's something!

Protect your iPhone to keep the air more clean - MamaSaid

Product care

This item is made with material that is rather resistant for various type of dirt. You can rub it with a soft fabric to clean the surface.

Once you join us on MamaSaid and make a purchase we will email you a detailed product care guide. However, keeping in mind these three rules will help you enjoy your MamaSaid product for a long time: do not scratch, do not use detergents, do not use any sort of oils and greasy liquids (except some sort of makeup brushes).

Enjoy life with MamaSaid!


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Test your family.

Put a finger inside the device and wait. After a few seconds, you'll get a reliable blood oxygen saturation result.

Quick and highly accurate SpO2 home test

Easy to use even for kids and elders

The measure is presented on the high-contrast, high-quality OLED display. You will know your blood saturation along with the actual pulse. If the saturation drops below the healthy value you will hear an alert beep.

Test your family

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